Executive functioning is not intelligence.

Your executive functioning system is your brain's self-management system that enables you to initiate, make decisions, complete tasks, and manage your daily life.

You can be extremely intelligent and have challenges with executive functioning.

Learn nine areas of executive functioning and how they each impact performance

• Discover strengths and weaknesses in executive functioning for you and those you love

• Target optimal strategies in each of the nine areas of executive functioning

• Start an actionable game plan to strengthen your performance.

Hi, I’m Cheryl Susman, ADHD Coach, and Educational Therapist. I am the founder of Cheryl Susman ADHD Coaching. I have over 25 years of experience working with individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder and related co-existing conditions. As a mother of three young adult kids with these challenges, and the wife of my wonderful, recently diagnosed husband, I'm familiar with the stress and frustrations that can come with ADHD. I'm committed to helping other parents and adults who are confronting what I've experienced in my own family. My professional expertise helps my clients stay accountable to their goals and develop resiliency.

I'm excited to introduce: Boost Your Executive Functioning in Nine Exciting Ways, so you can strengthen your performance and accomplish what's important to you!

See you in class!